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The Norman Kirby Scholarship Fund | Local Education in Lions Bay
Education Local Education The Norman Kirby Scholarship Fund

The Norman Kirby Scholarship Fund  

Rules, Regulations and Operating Principles 2011

1   The Norman Kirby Scholarship Fund was established by the Kirby Family as a permanent endowment fund under a Deed of Trust with Vancity Community Foundation, dated December 15, 2008. 

2   The purpose of the Fund is to provide a Scholarship or Scholarships to a student or students in accordance with the Deed of Trust and further regulations and criteria shown below:

3 (i) By agreement with Vancity Community Foundation, income from the Norman Kirby Fund will be disbursed twice annually, on June 30 and December 31, to the Lions Bay Community Scholarship Foundation (LBCSF).

(ii) The recipient or recipients of a Norman Kirby Scholarship will be selected by the Adjudication Panel of the LBCSF, and recommended to the Board, according to the following eligibility Rules and Criteria:

The selected candidate:

(a) must be known to have a financial or other need or disadvantage.

(b) must be enrolled in Grade 12 at a B.C. Senior Secondary School (Independent and Private Schools included), or must be in attendance in good standing at an approved Post Secondary institution.

(c) must have resided in Lions Bay at least for the Grade 12 year and must be a current resident.

(d) must intend to pursue post-secondary education at an institution, or be in attendance in good standing at such institution approved by the Board of Directors of the Lions Bay Community Scholarship Foundation

(e) normally, may not accept or hold another Lions Bay Scholarship.

(f) must have demonstrated superior achievement in one or more of the following areas (not listed in rank order):

  1. Academic subjects.
  1. Fine Arts.
  1. Technical/trade related subjects
  1. Community participation and contributions.
  1. Extra-curricular School activities.
  1. Leadership.
  1. Resilience under adversity.


4 (i) The amount of the Norman Kirby Scholarship will be a minimum of $500, or as determined from time to time by the LBCSF Board of Directors in consultation with the Norman Kirby Family.

(ii) The Scholarship will be awarded to the winning candidate or candidates when proof of registration at an approved post-secondary institution is presented to the LBCSF. Initial registration at the post-secondary institution must occur within 18 months of the date of secondary school graduation for the award to be claimed.

5 The Adjudication Panel will recommend the Scholarship winner(s) to the LBCSF Board, who will inform the Norman Kirby Family. 

6 Applications for a Scholarship may be submitted to the LBCSF Foundation:

  1. Directly by the student candidate, or
  1. By a Nominator on behalf of a student, with his/her consent.


7 The candidate or the Nominator must submit, or arrange for the submission of the following documents, which will be held in confidence by the Chair of the Adjudication Panel. Incomplete applications will not be considered:

  1. A completed Application Form.
  1. A confidential sealed letter, based on the criteria listed above and used by the Adjudication Panel, from a school teacher who is well informed of the candidate’s financial or other need, ability, achievements, character, leadership qualities, participation in school activities, and, if applicable, resilience and ability to overcome personal hardship.
  1. A confidential sealed letter from a member of the Lions Bay community attesting to the candidate’s financial or other need, leadership abilities, contributions to the community, and, if applicable, resilience and ability to overcome personal hardship.
  1. Copies of the final Grade 11 transcript and the most current Grade 12 Report Card.
  1. A resume, prepared by the candidate, of work experience (paid and/or volunteer), school activities, community involvement (Lions Bay or otherwise), and special training and interests.
  1. A written or typed essay (300-500 words) entitled “My Interests, Plans and Goals,” including an outline or details of your post-secondary aspirations.
  1. If applicable, a letter from a Nominator.


8 In the event that no candidate is identified for the Norman Kirby Scholarship, or that disbursed funds exceed the value of Scholarship(s) awarded, the amount or excess of the disbursed funds will be returned by the LBCSF to the capital of the Kirby Fund held by Vancity Community Foundation.

9 In the event that the LBCSF loses its charitable status, or is wound up or liquidated, the Norman Kirby Family or its designate will consult with Vancity Community Foundation to identify another qualifying donee with the same or similar objects as the Norman Kirby Fund.

 February 2011

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