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Art, Literature, Humour
Interests Art, Literature, Humour

Art, Literature, Humour

MBell ArticlePic

Ah! The demon drink. Did I ever tell you how I was fired? Looking back though, I probably deserved it as I knew I was playing with fire. (pun intended)

Let me explain.

In the mid-sixties, I was a Madison Avenue ad man, a hot-shot copywriter. I was a well-paid hack who spent endless hours devising those mind-numbing, drive-you-to-drink, ‘slice of life’ detergent commercials in which mentally challenged Mrs. Middle America engages in poetic rhapsodies about how easy it is to get mud and lord knows what other disgusting stains from Wayne’s soccer shorts.

The head of our agency was a former U.S. marine, a self-made businessman. He ran a highly efficient money-spinning agency and as a WWII veteran, he looked as though he could pole vault the Baltic. He was aptly named, Theodore Harddenut. He could be sweet as pie one day, and Attila the Hun the next. His tsunami-like mood swings had something to do with the fact he was an ex-alcoholic who worked his way through at least 30 cups of Maxwell House caffeine a day. The potential for trouble in that alone was not made easier by the fact his wife worked by his side, sharing with him his gargantuan corner office. She possessed the visage of an Appalachian road map, and rarely, if ever, smiled.

deadly-switch-AresJ-high-res WebDeadly Switch: A Stone Suspense written by Karen Dodd

We moved to Lions bay one year ago because we loved the view and heard it was a  friendly community. We met Karen and Glen Doddat the Periwinkle Place Canada Day party. As I chatted to Karen, I was excited to find out she was writing a book. I mentioned I was writing my memoirs. However, unlike myself and others who claim to write, Karenwas actually about to publish her book. I write my memoirs when I can’t sleep at night. Karen, who is currently working on the sequel, writes for six hours per day. As we chatted about writing, Karen suddenly popped the question. 

“Would you help me out and be a beta reader for my new book?”

I repllied, “Sure, be glad to help.”

we carve hearts into a tree
initialize the deed
prepare our acre lot
move rocks and pull weeds

you build us a forest house
nestled over Howe Sound
where the Lions
tower above our ground

life in our tree house begins
far away from city sins
where birds and
carpenter ants fly free

I set up my easel
and begin
to paint
a life with you

we picture a family
where our two
cherry blossom trees
will grow

Howe-Sound-From-Page by Lois SopenaOur Back Cover Image for the Fall 2013 edition of Lions Bay Community News magazine was painted by long term West Vancouver resident, Luis Sopena. Mr. Sopena occupies a special place in the field of modern art.  Throughout his professional career, he has attempted to paint human nature in an extremly individualistic manner. His subjects are as diversified as his style, which results in an interesting collection of work.

the soulful bliss of 
balletic time where the curve 
of ages coils around itself, 
I join that spiral odyssey where dreams 
and memories collide like 
the embrace of separated lovers.

in the grace of this blessed place 
called home, 
we mutter benedictions of “see you soon”,
as our families drift home to their own 
pieces of paradise; 
while the mother ship of my Lions Bay 
dreams on.

My other family never leaves our mountain oasis, 
as they sigh and sway in an eternal prayer 
of thanksgiving:
sun, shade and sharing, 
bequeathed in benevolence
and endless generosity.

DSC 0113This year has produced some exciting developments for our Arts Council.  We have attended a number of meetings with Arts Councils along the Sea to Sky Corridor including Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish and Bowen Island.  Our intention was to see how we could find synergy together to promote arts and culture in the Corridor and to learn best practices from each other. We have made great progress, formed an association, Sea to Sky Arts Councils and are in the process of developing a Sea to Sky Arts Councils website that will provide information and resources to residents, artists and visitors alike.  Our Lions Bay artists and residents will be able to access arts and culture events happening throughout the year in our Sea to Sky area and we are very excited to be involved in this project.

December 2013
Lions Bay Arts Council is celebrating its third year as a supporter of arts and culture in Lions Bay.  We continue to grow our membership and currently have 156 community members.

Our Arts and Garden Festival this year was a great success – very well-attended and again the weather gods were with us.  We were not so lucky with our Culture Days which had to be cancelled at the last minute due to extreme weather conditions.  Hopefully we will have an opportunity to present this event in an indoor space next year.

Ann Hurst LB Beach party 2x5Villagers can look forward to seeing the artwork of Lions Bay artist Ann Hurst displayed on banners around the Village next year.  Ann's piece "Lions Bay Beach Party" was chosen by the Lions Bay Arts Council as the piece that most represents the theme "Save Howe Sound".  To learn more about Ann and her work visit Lions Bay Arts Council.

Lions Bay Arts Council would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2014 program and extend our congratulations to our Winner Ann Hurst.

KelvinGrove by Ann HurstOur Cover Image (Original Available) for the Fall 2013 edition of Lions Bay Community News magazine was painted by long term Lions Bay resident, Ann Hurst. Ann found her passion for painting in the 1970’s under the wonderful guidance of West Vancouver artist Francis Landsberg and has been capturing the changing moods of BC’s spectacular nature ever since.  Her vivid oil paintings and luminous watercolours reflect this passion and invite the viewer to walk into the landscape and share the artist’s experience.

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