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Food - Howe Delicious
Interests Howe Delicious

Food - Howe Delicious


1 cup (180 gm) peanut butter

1 cup (130 gm) icing sugar

1 cup (25 gm) Rice Krispies

1-1 1/2 cups (180-270 gm) chocolate chips

Cream peanut butter and sugar together in a bowl. Stir in Rice Krispies. With your hands, shape/roll into nickel sized (small nut sized) balls.EasterEggs 

To melt chocolate, place in a heatproof bowl fitted over a pan of gently simmering water, use a double boiler if you own one. Stir chocolate until melted. Remove from heat. Using two smallish spoons, drop one ball at a time into chocolate, turning to coat and remove to a parchment lined tray. Repeat until all balls have been covered. If chocolate starts to thicken up, place over low heat until proper consistency for dipping.

Let peanut butter balls firm up/harden on counter for a few hours. Store in covered container. (if they last that long!) Enjoy.


wine glass spritzerWine Pairing's for our Spring Menu

Savour and sip our selections to accompany any Spring Fare! Thank you to the friendly staff at our local favorite wine shopping locale for the suggestions.

Anna Spinato Prosecco Brut: $14.95

Grey Monk Odyssey Brut: $24.99

Hester Creek Late Harvest Pinot Blanc: $17.95

specialty coffeeBring the same sense of adventure and fun to creating a specialty coffee bar.

Remember that the whole idea is to free you from bar duty. Use a 30-cup coffee urn so that you aren’t replenishing constantly. It’s important, too, to splurge on a beautiful, rich, mellow coffee that your guests will truly enjoy.

One challenge for the hostess is serving beverages upon each guest’s arrival, and keeping them replenished throughout the event. It can be almost a full-time job, and it’s tough to keep it graceful when your attention is being diverted to so many areas.

You could just throw a plastic cloth over a table and set out the ice, beer and wine. For our New Year’s Brunch, however, I’m going to suggest kicking it up a notch. Take a little extra time the day before to prepare interesting bar options where guests can comfortably look after their own needs. Not only will it free you to deal with other chores, but a well-done bar becomes a gathering place, part of the chit-chat, the entertainment and the ambiance in itself.

Fruit Skewers

Italian Sausage and Carmelized Apple Strata

Tropical Fruit Skewers with Honeyed Greek Yogurt

Spring Fare
Every season has its own special qualities, Spring being the most welcoming after a grey or cold winter. The sun feels warm again, enchanting us with colour from the garden, and enticing us as fresh food like strawberries and asparagus appear in our markets.

In this edition, we’ve chosen "Good food for great meals" as this season’s motto. Now is the perfect time to make a renewed start on commitments to healthy living food choices. 

And it is the time of year where the love of chocolate begins. (Did it ever end?) We share an article on “healthy” chocolate alternatives now available everywhere. If you are a lover of peanut butter (not for those who are nut intolerant, sorry!) be sure to try our version of peanut butter balls, one of our often purchased favourites from local retail merchants.

May this season be as colourful for you as the children’s painted Easter eggs and as delicious as the fresh market produce that graces our tables in the Spring. Happy eating!

In the last 10 years, our knowledge about Chocolate has increased a lot. We are more educated and our perception of chocolate being a guilty pleasure is starting to change. What are the latest trends?

Not all cacao are equal
We have just discovered, thanks to the new DNA studies, that there are not 3 main different cacao varieties but 10 clusters and something like 50+ varieties. Exactly like discovering that there is not only red, white and rosé, but Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah... We can be sure that the good tasters are going to focus more and more on that. “Arriba Nacional”, “Porcelana” are fantastic cacao beans.

We don’t mix Guinness and Heineken or Napa Valley red wine with Bordeaux, so why would we mix beans from different origins? Q. What is the chocolate equivalent of Napa Valley? A. El Duarte, a famous valley in Dominican Republic with many fantastic organic cacao beans.

Promising health studies
Many recent medical studies focus on chocolate’s health benefits. For example Zutphen researchers found studying a population of 30.000 people that the usual daily cocoa intake was, among the elderly (over 65 years old), inversely related to blood pressure and was associated with a 45% to 50% lower risk of all-causes of death http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=409867). Jeanne Calment, the world's oldest woman, attributed her longevity to her chocolate two-pound-a-week habit. She lived to be 122.

bloody ceasar barServes 12

(Note: A 1 litre bottle of vodka will yield enough drinks for 8 guests with a few having ‘seconds’)

Here’s what you will need:

French ToastMarmalade & Cream Cheese French Toast with Fresh Blueberries

Brown Sugar and Pepper Extra Thick Cut Bacon

New Years BrunchFor the main food course and sides, here are some suggestions for building a flexible menu that will adapt beautifully to serving from 8 to 16 guests. For a party of 8 of fewer choose one main and one side dish, for 9 or more guests, you can mix and match by making any two mains and two sides, or any combination you choose. 

The Smoked Salmon Appetizer is to be enjoyed with both Menu One and Menu Two selections!

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