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Community Services Municipal Government

Municipal Government


Michael Broughton                                                                                        October 8, 2014

Canada Post

Lions Bay General Store (Contractor)

Dear Michael,

At September 2nd Council meeting and the September 10th Infrastructure Committee meeting during public comment, you expressed concern over certain items in the Committee’s Preliminary Recommendations Article printed in the Lions Bay Community News and posted on Lionsbay.net.  Although the information was publically discussed an Infrastructure Committee meeting and provided to Council for review at the Regular Meeting of Council on May 20th, 2014.

As Chair of the Infrastructure Committee, I regret that Council reviewed the Article and did not make any changes.  The Committee has revised the pertinent items in the Article to address the concerns you raised. I wish to apologize for any hurt that you have experienced as a result of my action. 


Lions Bay Infrastructure Committee

Councillor Ando

Please see attached message sent on behalf of Grant McRadu, Interim CAO.

Mandy Koonts
Municipal Coordinator

(604) 921-9333 ext. 103


The Village of Lions Bay Public Works Department wishes to advise all residents that the fall ditching and culvert cleaning program is about to commence. Works include flail mowing of selected areas, followed by ditching and hand removal of vegetation (where required) to help mitigate flooding and ensure culverts are clear for the next watermain flushing program.

Works will start Thursday October 2, and continue until completed. For reference, the following areas will be undertaken in the below order; however, due to the nature of this program, we are unable to give exact dates that we will be in specific locations.

1. Selected locations North of Alberta Creek
2. Selected locations on Upper Bayview
3. Selected locations on Oceanview and Highview Place
4. Selected locations on Lions Bay Avenue and Isleview
5. Selected locations in upper and lower Kelvin Grove
6. Selected locations in Brunswick Beach and Crystal Falls

Recently, a resident wrote to Council about traffic speeds along Bayview Road. The writer's concern is about how far above the speed limit some drivers are going along this road. Speeds were estimated at about 70km/hr in a 40km/hr stretch. I do not doubt the estimate as our family has owned our property on Bayview Road for the past 38years and I can concur with the writer's estimate of some driver's speeds. This is a long-going concern for a number of my neighbours as well.

My appeal to all of us is to keep our speeds down and make our Village a safe place in which to drive or walk. The school has now reopened and the sidewalk will be occupied with young people and their parents, friends or guardians. The speed limit around the school is 30km/hr so extra caution has already been built into our laws to provide safety for the little folks who cannot yet fully understand the risks associated with the interface of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


Council wishes to remind residents of the availability of emergency preparedness information on the Village website's Emergency Information page:


Hard copies will be made available, at no cost, for any resident wishing to pick one up from the Village Office.

Please share this information with residents and neighbours who may not have internet access.

Mandy Koonts
Municipal Coordinator

The Municipality of the Village of Lions Bay
Administrative Services Team
PO Box 141
400 Centre Road
Lions Bay, BC, V0N 2E0
Tel: (604) 921-9333 ext. 103
Fax: (604) 921-6643

Subject: ePost: Annual Reservoir Cleaning in Progress

The Public Works Department of the Village of Lions Bay would like to advise residents that the annual reservoir cleaning program has started today, and will continue until Wednesday. The Magnesia reservoir will be scheduled first for cleaning today, September 23, which may affect residences located in Brunswick Beach and on Sunset Drive. Harvey reservoir will be cleaned next, which may affect the remainder of the Village, with the exception of residences on Timbertop, Mountain Drive, Stewart Road, and Bayview Road north of Centre Road, which will be switched to Magnesia once the work there is complete.

Lions Bay will be following the lead of many other communities around us by reducing what goes to the landfill from our weekly garbage pick-up. The Food Scraps Recycling program will be implemented next year which means all food scraps will be separated from regular garbage and taken to a composting centre. There are now regional composting centres where food scraps are made into high quality compost that is then sold to landscapers and farmers.

Through my travels in the Village lately I have been asked a number of questions with respect to the recently adopted Volunteer Policy. I thought it might be beneficial to residents to provide some clarity on the document and its intent.

In this day and age of unnerving legal terms like “risk assessments”, “risk mitigation” and the always fearsome “potential lawsuit”, we as a Municipality have a duty to ensure all of our assets are protected.

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