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Community Services Municipal Government

Municipal Government


Council wishes to remind residents of the availability of emergency preparedness information on the Village website's Emergency Information page:


Hard copies will be made available, at no cost, for any resident wishing to pick one up from the Village Office.

Please share this information with residents and neighbours who may not have internet access.

Mandy Koonts
Municipal Coordinator

The Municipality of the Village of Lions Bay
Administrative Services Team
PO Box 141
400 Centre Road
Lions Bay, BC, V0N 2E0
Tel: (604) 921-9333 ext. 103
Fax: (604) 921-6643

Subject: ePost: Annual Reservoir Cleaning in Progress

The Public Works Department of the Village of Lions Bay would like to advise residents that the annual reservoir cleaning program has started today, and will continue until Wednesday. The Magnesia reservoir will be scheduled first for cleaning today, September 23, which may affect residences located in Brunswick Beach and on Sunset Drive. Harvey reservoir will be cleaned next, which may affect the remainder of the Village, with the exception of residences on Timbertop, Mountain Drive, Stewart Road, and Bayview Road north of Centre Road, which will be switched to Magnesia once the work there is complete.

Lions Bay will be following the lead of many other communities around us by reducing what goes to the landfill from our weekly garbage pick-up. The Food Scraps Recycling program will be implemented next year which means all food scraps will be separated from regular garbage and taken to a composting centre. There are now regional composting centres where food scraps are made into high quality compost that is then sold to landscapers and farmers.

Through my travels in the Village lately I have been asked a number of questions with respect to the recently adopted Volunteer Policy. I thought it might be beneficial to residents to provide some clarity on the document and its intent.

In this day and age of unnerving legal terms like “risk assessments”, “risk mitigation” and the always fearsome “potential lawsuit”, we as a Municipality have a duty to ensure all of our assets are protected.

IMG 9693Citizen of the Year 2014
Heather Hood

Citizens of Distinction
Ruth Simons and Michael Tickner

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Canada Day is a fantastic day to celebrate both Canada and achievements made by Lions Bay citizens both within Lions Bay and to the greater community. This year we conferred the Citizen of the Year 2014 to Heather Hood and conferred two Citizen of Distinction Awards to Ruth Simons and Michael Tickner. 

VillageOfLionsBayLogoIt Takes a Village …

To stay committed to and maintain our vibrant spirit ... both our continued long term and strategic planning lead to our successes ...

Thank you to our Village Staff Team, Lions Bay Fire Rescue and outstanding Volunteers !

Welcome to the Fall, following a spectacular summer ! We hope that as community members, that you are able to bring a sense of optimism, curiosity and your hopes for Lions Bay in order to provide comment regarding the DRAFT Land Use Management Plan.

During my term as in office I have held the responsibility of being the head of the Finance portfolio and Chairman of the Finance Committee. I have undertaken to provide as much financial disclosure as possible to the public. My belief is that Villagers need to be accurately informed about the financial and operational activities of the Community.

Council would like to thank the 150+ residents who participated in the Land Use Master Plan public forum on Monday, September 8th.

Residents are reminded that the public feedback period will be open until September 22nd. Residents are welcome to submit their feedback using any of the means noted on the Land Use Master Plan page of the website. The page has been updated to address some of the questions and concerns raised by residents and also includes links to the plan, the background report, public feedback received to date and the presentation boards from the meeting.

All residents are encouraged to provide their feedback on the plan by the September 22nd deadline. Council will review the feedback and the final plan recommendations at the October 7th Regular Council meeting.

Mandy Koonts

Municipal Coordinator
(604) 921-9333 ext. 103
www.lionsbay.ca VillageOfLionsBayLogo

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