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Community Services Municipal Government

Municipal Government

DSC 5267December 2013 

Council has been working in a focused manner once again this year to create a positive outcome for the Village.

The Village of Lions Bay community spirit requires renewal. Let us ‘Come Together’ rather than move apart.

This year has had the challenge of community acrimony consuming staff and Council time, energy and public fund resources. As the Village of Lions Bay is small, with a small tax base, we must all recognize the importance of committing our energy toward building the community through positive effort.

VillageOfLionsBayLogoAt the Regular Meeting of Council, held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, Councillor Ron McLaughlin proposed the following resolution which was subsequently carried by Council.

Resolution to Entirely Discontinue with the Community Center Renewal.

Whereas the tenders for the Community Centre Renewal have been received and the project is deemed financially unviable.

Therefore be it resolved that Council:

1. Not accept any of the three bids and that the three general contractors be thanked and so notified.

2. With appreciation to the Design Team, other service providers, staff, and Council for their efforts on the Community Centre Renewal all activity on the project cease, and discussion on any future Community Centre Renewal project not be brought forward until after the Land Master Planning study has been received and considered by Council and the community.

3. By not later than the December 17thmeeting of council staff provide their recommendations to council with respect to:

  1. Movement of activities now at the school back to the community center, opening of the library, and the return of other groups to the gym complex.
  2. Estimated least costs options to repair the roof of the complex and timing.
  3. Cost and movement of administrative staff to an alternate location on a permanent basis, or while the administrative building is being repaired to conform toBC standards, including estimated potential timing.


4. Ask Mayor Broughton in coordination with staff to favourably renegotiate the WEDC grant before its maturity on April 1st.

After discussion on the matter the resolution was put forward by Councillor McLaughlin, seconded by Councillor Ronsley.

In favour – Councillor McLaughlin, Councillor Ronsley, Councillor Bain.

Opposed – Mayor Broughton, Councillor Ando

Resolution carried.

Ron McLaughlin photoEditors Note: This article appears in the Fall 2013 magazine edition of LBCN with the incorrect title of "2nd Quarter". The title should read "3rd Quarter". The Editor apologizes for this error

The Five Year Plan was presented to the public in April and is based on the Operating Budget and Capital Expenditure plan for the current year. Our year-end annual financial statements were received from our auditors in mid-June, and released after acceptance by Council in conjunction with the annual corporate report. This year’s corporate report is more comprehensive and robust than any of its predecessors and I recommend that Villagers take the time to review the item.

I am the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committees and welcome direct contact by residents if they have questions of a financial nature as it relates to the Village’s affairs. I believe it is important for Lions Bayers to be informed about the financial activities of the Village, so I have used articles like this one in the Lions Bay Community News to provide regular updates. The Community News is received in every mail box and this article is also available on line. This is the 7th consecutive quarterly financial disclosure provided to the Community. With as much timelines and transparency as possible, content provides specifics on how taxes and fees are calculated and how these affect residents, our financial position, observations, projected events and details on the implementation of best practices. The three Village service areas, Fire Department, Administrative Services Staff, and Works Department, will continue to be commented upon with respect to their operations, finances, and the challenges applicable to each unit.

Financial disclosure to the Villagers in this article will include in-house, 8 month, (August 31st) information to compare to the past Fiscal Year End (FYE) and the current Budget. It is expected this disclosure format will be made three times a year, in June when the audited FYE is available, now at the end of the summer which is meaningful for interim Year To Date (YTD) performance and (2014) budgeting, and the end of the year as the ultimate score card for senior management and Council’s adherence to the Budget.

VillageOfLionsBayLogoWe have had several reports of daylight sightings of coyotes walking on residential streets in Lions Bay, and stalking small dogs and outside cats.

We have contacted the Conservation Office Service who have indicated that there is no immediate cause for concern and that this behavior is not unusual, particularly in areas where prey and other food sources are available.

To avoid attracting coyotes to our residential areas, please ensure that any pets are not left outside unsupervised. Secure all garbage in wildlife proof containers. Remove birdfeeders and other outdoor food sources which may encourage wildlife. If it is safe to do so, make every effort to scare a coyote away by making loud noises and throwing rocks.

It is very unusual for a coyote to directly threaten a human or to not move away when scared off. Though coyotes do not normally pose any threat to humans, it is advisable not to leave children outdoors unsupervised. If a coyote does exhibit aggressive behavior to a human, please call the Conservation Officer Service RAPP line on 1-877-952-7277.

To find out more about coyotes, how you can help to limit their forays into our residential areas, and how to endure that they remain wary of human interaction, please visit the Department of the Environment’s information website at this link:


VillageOfLionsBayLogoMayor Broughton and the Council of the Village of Lions Bay are pleased to announce that Grant McRadu, recently retired West Vancouver Chief Administrative Officer, has agreed to oversee the day to day Village operations on an interim basis. Mr. McRadu will assist in the management of a number of special projects such as the Community Center Renewal, Land Master Planning, and development of the 2014 Budget.  In addition, Mr. McRadu will undertake a review of the organization and assist in the hiring of a permanent CAO.

Grant McRaduMr. McRadu brings to Lions Bay almost 35 years of public service – the majority of which as a Chief Administrative Officer. Mr. McRadu began his career with the Capital Regional District and then became the youngest CAO in British Columbia at the age of 29.  Mr. McRadu has served several municipalities as their CAO, as well as working for one of the largest BC School Districts as their Chief Financial Officer and Secretary-Treasurer.  Mr. McRadu has served on numerous professional associations and, in addition, was elected Vice President of the International Association of City and County Administrators (ICMA) as well as serving on the National Board of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA). He was recently honoured by his peers and awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Mr. McRadu will begin his duties Monday, September 23rd, 2013. Mayor and Council look forward to working with Mr. McRadu and the benefits his expertise will bring to the Village. Please join us in welcoming Grant McRadu, Interim CAO/Secretary-Treasurer, to the Village of Lions Bay.

Mayor Brenda Broughton, September 20th, 2013
Sent on behalf of Mayor & Council

Fall 2013

The Village of Lions Bay staff, will from time to time go through changes. We understand that our role is to minimize challenge and optimize opportunity, when change presents itself.

Thus, we wish to communicate to Village residents that we are moving forward with these goals in mind.

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