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Community Services Municipal Government

Municipal Government

A new Public Notice has been posted.
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Susan Loutet - Administrative Assistant
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Did you know? Only one coyote sighting has been reported to the RAPP line since June 3rd despite numerous sightings in the Village. Accurate and timely reporting affects response!

It is imperative to report sightings to the RAPP line! The operator will ask very specific questions about your encounter – this is why it is extremely important for the witness to contact the RAPP line directly at 1-877-952-7277, rather than relaying information through the Village office.  

The Conservation Officers Service has advised their mandate is to ensure public safety, which does not include protection of pets. The COS notes it is the responsibility of homeowners to adjust behaviors and take precautions to reduce risk to pets.

IMG 0390The Lions Bay Events Committee recently organized it’s first village Giveaway Weekend from May 31st – June 1st, , 2014. There were many treasures to be found including bikes, couches and various household items. My kids had a great time biking around the village finding special treasures, and by Saturday afternoon we ended up with a giant ping pong table! I even noticed a Variety Club van touring the village picking up items for donation. Next year we may invite a few other charities to come out near the end of the Giveaway Weekend and take what they want for donation.

If anyone happened to take two brand new children’s scooters parked beside a free couch on Timbertop, please contact Karina Santos at 778 280 3456 as they were placed there accidentally!

Thank you to everyone who participated either by putting out their FREE items or by recycling old items and giving them a new home. We had such great feedback from this event that I know that this event will be bigger and better next year. Start saving your ‘treasures’!

VillageOfLionsBayLogoA new Public Notice has been posted regarding noise in the Village.
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Mandy Koonts
Municipal Coordinator

As we continue to add to our compliment of Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) volunteers we could still benefit from diverse expertise and backgrounds. If you have experience in communications, engineering, emergency services or any number of fields that could prepare you to make a contribution to your community in time of need, we would like to hear from you. Training will be provided.

Contact Fred Bain | 604-921-8392
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

It is important for Villagers to be accurately informed about the financial and operational activities of the Community, and so I am providing another quarterly disclosure as head of the Finance portfolio and Chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance. Previous quarterly disclosures have provided specifics on how taxes and service fees are calculated and how these affect residents, our financial position, observations, and projected events. The three Village service areas (Fire Department, Administrative Services Staff, and Works Department) are commented on when applicable. This quarterly report will be brief as the annual report to be provided by the interim CAO is expected to be released shortly and will cover the Village’s finances and operations in more depth.

Selected 2014 financial data and commentary:

  • Revenue from the Small Communities Grant (from the Province) will be approximately $198,000 in 2014 and $298,000 in 2015.
  • For 2014 the Budget approved by Council and presented to the Community saw a general tax increase of 4%. All our employees, except our Interim CAO are members of CUPE local 389 (inside and outside workers.) A new union contract was ratified late last year and will run from January 2012 to December 2015. The key financial metric affecting Lions Bayer’s is the wage increase. The settlement was 1.25% - 2012, 1.75% - 2013, 1.75% - 2014, and 2% for 2015, which was consistent within the Metro region. Personnel benefits run at approximately 16%. As in every government, labor is the single largest operating cost. For the last many years general taxes have increased by 2.4% annually. The tax increase this year is largely consumed by cost of living costs (consumer price increases – increases to petroleum products, fuel, asphalt, building materials, photocopy paper, parts, fire department materials, increases to third party contractors, etc. ) labor cost increases, and a need to build up our capital base for infrastructure projects expected to be undertaken in the next few years.
  • The 2014 Budget Impact of Parcel Taxes and User Fees for a Single Residential Family Home was provided in detail last quarter. Recommended by administrative staff and the members of the Finance Committee, Council enacted an overall increase of 10%. The 2013 increase was 5%. The reason for the Parcel Taxes and User Fees changes is in order that the Water and Sewer Utility services pay for themselves which is included in our Five Year Plan. 

SPREAD SHEET OF FINANCIAL DATA (located at end of article)

To facilitate the Community Center Renewal staff has recently moved from the administrative building and relocated at the Klatt Building. It is a busy time of year with the issuance of tax notices just completed and collection activity about to begin. To not over-extend our staff, Council has reduced the number of meetings which would normally be held as well as requests for service. For this reason spread sheet for 2014 interim financial information has not been provided. The Statement of Financial Positions for F2013 compared to F2012, and the Statement of Operations at the year-end compared to the Financial Plan have been provided along with explanatory notes. The most important observation in the F2013 data provided is the high degree of liquidity (cash/near cash net of current liabilities = approximately $1.465 million) the Village has.

Community Center Renewal:

The Budget for the project is $950,000 if both the remaining $137,000 Federal CIIF and $443,000 Provincial CRP grants can be utilized. The upgrades and the extent of the renovations will depend on the actual grant funding the Village receives. As can be seen driving by the site, work on the Renewal has commenced with the roof now being replaced. Residents can expect a news release later this month on the project. It is expected that the complex will be in operation in early September with a Volunteer Appreciation ceremony planned at the opening.

Land Use Master Planning

In November, Council approved hiring the firm of Rob Barrs & Associates to undertake a study to identify options with respect to our assets and their use, and obtain Community feedback on maximizing the value of our lands. Two meetings were held with the public in February to share information gathered and request points of view. Please refer to Mayor Broughton’s article for further details. 

Operating Units overview:

Fire Department:

  • Nothing to report. 

Works Department:

  • An announcement with respect to the Public Works Manager position is expected to be made next week.

Administrative Services Staff:

  • Please welcome to the Village Mr. Brent Loewen, temporary seasonal Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Brent started his service with the Village on May 9th. He brings to the Village a wealth of experience and a desire to educate the Community on pertinent bylaw issues. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to Brent when you see him patrolling the Village. Brent’s hours of work are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from 5:30-10:30 P.M. He can be reached at the Bylaw phone (604-834-3404) during these hours. For urgent bylaw issues outside of Brent’s working hours please contact the Village Office to refer the matter to available staff.
  • There are staff changes pending and it is hoped these can be implemented over the summer with further disclosure and its rationale made next quarter.
  • (Interim CAO) Grant McRadu has agreed to extend his contract with the sole goal of continuing to make improvements in the efficient and economical operation of our organization.

General Remarks

As can be observed from the many pending news releases things that have been worked on over the past year are coming to fruition.

I have had contact questioning the validity of financial commentary that has been published by residents. 

These articles have inaccuracies or are written with a political spin in mind. Please call or email me if you have any concerns and would like an accurate answer.

As I have commented on previously, to get the most benefit from our personnel, for the most Lions Bayers, frequent users of Village resources are requested to think carefully each time they make a request that will impact our staff. 

Council wishes everyone all the best as you enjoy the summer.


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