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New Bylaw Enforcement Officer!

Brent LoewenPlease welcome to the Village Mr. Brent Loewen, temporary seasonal Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Brent started his service with the Village on May 9, 2014.

A North Shore resident, Brent brings to the Village a wealth of experience and a desire to educate the community on pertinent bylaw issues. Please don't hesitate to introduce yourself to Brent when you see him patrolling the Village.

Brent's hours of work are Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. He can be reached on the Bylaw phone at 604-834-3404 during these hours.

For urgent bylaw issues outside of Brent's working hours, please contact the Village Office to refer the matter to available staff.

VillageOfLionsBayLogoWe have had several reports of daylight sightings of coyotes walking on residential streets in Lions Bay and stalking small dogs and outside cats.

The Conservation Office Service has indicated that there is no immediate cause for concern and that this behavior is not unusual, particularly in areas where prey and other food sources are available.

To avoid attracting coyotes to our residential areas, please make ensure that any pets are not left outside unsupervised. Secure all garbage in wildlife proof containers. Remove birdfeeders and other outdoor food sources which may encourage wildlife. If it is safe to do so, make every effort to scare a coyote away by making loud noises and throwing rocks.

It is very unusual for a coyote to directly threaten a human or to not move away when scared off. Though coyotes do not normally pose any threat to humans, it is advisable not to leave children outdoors unsupervised. If a coyote does exhibit aggressive behavior to a human, please call the Conservation Officer Service RAPP line on 1-877-952-7277.

To find out more about coyotes, how you can help to limit their forays into our residential areas, and how to ensure that they remain wary of human interaction, please visit the Department of the Environment's information website at this link:


VillageofLionsMastheadWe in Lions Bay are living in interesting times.

As our community’s Vision states;

“We value this community as a peaceful, close knit village, deeply connected to the natural West Coast environment, yet close to a major metropolitan area.  The community has a strong sense of self-governance while desiring to stay connected to neighbours and partners in the region.” 

VillageOfLionsBayLogoIt's Real.....Our Community Center is getting a renewal!

As everyone can see, the roof of the Community Centre is now being replaced and the inside asbestos removal, rebar reinforcement in the east foundation wall, kitchen, washroom upgrades, and library renewal as well as the finishing of the outdoor patio area will be started in the next few weeks!

As result, we will have to close down Margerie's Meadow to allow the placement of a large garbage bin to load the old roof, drywall etc. as the repairs move along.

Margerie's Meadow will be closed to the public as of Wednesday, May 14th until further notice.

We apologize for this short inconvenience.

March 31, 2014 (4 pm) - Due date for utility payments to qualify for early payment discount

April 29, 2014 to May 6, 2014 - Pass Five Year Financial Plan 2014-2018 Bylaw

May 6, 2014 - Approve 2013 Audited Financial Statements

May 30, 2014 to June 6, 2014 - Mail out 2014 property and parcel tax bills

The-Harvey-Creek-intake-weirLions Bay’s Infrastructure Committee was recently instated by Council.  Chaired by Councilor Ando, the Committee comprises residents Brian Ulrich (a mechanical engineer), Jim Hughes (an industrial safety consultant and highways specialist) and Karl Buhr (a chemical engineer), along with Grant McRadu, the Village’s interim Chief Administrative Officer, and Will Emo, acting Public Works Manager.

The Committee’s mandate is to provide guidance and recommendations to Council on Village infrastructure by identifying and assessing infrastructure needs, reviewing cost proposals, prioritizing needs and through a short-term Infrastructure Plan.  The Committee’s role is advisory only and it has no authority to approve or implement decisions. 

COMMITTEE HOUSEKEEPING.  At its first public meeting on Jan. 30, the Committee agreed to initially concentrate on four classes of Village infrastructure: water, wastewater, roads & drainage, and buildings & structures.  The Village Hall & Office project is already in Council’s hands, and other infrastructure classes may be added later: energy & environment, facilities & amenities, communications & education, etc.

The Committee will operate under the following framework, paraphrased here from the meeting Minutes:

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