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Municipal Government | Page 4
Community Services Municipal Government

Municipal Government

Dear Inspector Neil Cross and Staff Sargeant Brian Cumming,

Thank you to each of you and each of the Squamish RCMP members, for your dedication to the service of the community and people within.

Our profound thank you to each of the Squamish RCMP members.

On behalf of the Village of Lions Bay Council, Staff and Citizens, please accept our deepest regard and appreciation !

All Canadians join together in thanking our Royal Canadian Mounted Police for your iconic ernest and sincere dedication and commitment to keeping our communities safe.

Thank you from us all ~ we are in your debt !


Brenda Broughton
Village of Lions Bay


On behalf of the Lions Bay Infrastructure Committee

The Lions Bay Infrastructure Committee’s initial mandate includes making some preliminary infrastructure recommendations. We’re pleased to advise the Village that the items below were submitted at the Council meeting of May 20, 2014, and sent to municipal staff for comment, planning and hopefully action.


The Infrastructure Committee here proposes non-critical path (that is, independent) projects with low or no cost to the Village. All the projects have a component of demonstrating that Village is cared for, but also address the Committee’s strategic goals of safety, engagement, awareness and convenience.

VillageofLionsBayFlagIt Takes a Village …
To stay committed to and maintain our vibrant spirit !
… we are climbing mountains !The mountain of community shaping, Lions Bay is amazing…

We have been Celebrating our Village with positive energy !

Thank you to Council, Village Staff and our outstanding Volunteers !

This Spring has been a time of renewal, optimism and opportunity.

Lions Bay residents, well known for their talent, creativity and optimism have been involved in voicing their vision for Howe Sound; re-visioning the school field; beautifying our community ~ planting new flowers and pulling unneeded weeds; forging new trails ~ dedicating the Neil Berman Point on the Centennial Trail; creating Music and presenting Art in the beautiful Gardens of Lions Bay; helping pack up the Library; training in Emergency Services and keeping our Events Committee so active and creative with Easter and the recent Give Away Weekend to name a few of the activities …adding a lot of fun in our community !

“With provisional blessing from Council and West Van School District, a group of volunteers led by resident Karl Buhr is undertaking a major renovation of Lions Bay Field. As a joint-use facility the field falls into a jurisdictional gap between the school district and the municipality, and has been neglected. You may have noticed its sorry state at the end of winter. Our field is one of the Village’s most used assets, and can be neglected no more. So the Village is going to need to band together to make Lions Bay Field one of our jewels.

A preliminary renovation is pretty much complete. The school district’s Facilities Department repaired the irrigation and the municipality aerated the field and is now mowing it on a schedule. Volunteers repaired fencing, cut turf and installed five cubic meters of gravel donated by Miller-Capilano to provide a baseball batting area, bases and a pitcher’s mound. With overseeding and regular watering, the field is already much improved. With soon-to-arrive bases, home plate and pitcher’s rubber, we have a usable field for the remaining weeks of school and for the Summer.

Thank You LB VolunteersEvery adult resident of Lions Bay, or at least nearly every adult resident, is aware of the governance of the municipality so far as the Village Council is concerned—that the Council consists of the Mayor and four Councillors, assisted in matters of civic regulations and procedures by members of the Village staff, which has varied a little more than we would like over the years, but which at present is superb. In fact, many residents not only are aware of the Council, but are also aware of things that do not exist, and have very strong opinions about not only the current Council, but about all Councils, opinions both positive and negative, for and against. These people with the strong opinions, however, are probably far outnumbered by those who are not much interested in the functioning of Council, those who have very little opinion or none at all—it is difficult to hear no opinion.

Less well known is the work toward keeping the Village functioning by committees comprised of Volunteer Village residents. These committees come generally in three categories. The first is comprised of self-appointed, independent, self-directing volunteers who keep the Village landscape looking neat and pretty, blaze trails in the woods, look after small children, keep historical records of the Village, and generally make life better for the rest of us. I have nothing more here to say concerning them, other than, ‘Thank You’.

VillageOfLionsBayLogo2013 ANNUAL REPORT
For the year ended December 31, 2013:

The draft report is now available online at http://www.lionsbay.ca/annual-reports.html . Hard copies are available at the Village Office during regular business hours and a supply of hard copies has also been left in the Village's postal box office area. Notices have been posted in the public posting areas to advise the public of the availability of the document.

Under legislation, the Public Review period must last a minimum of two weeks. Council will review public feedback in an upcoming Special Council Meeting. The date and time of the meeting will be posted once confirmed.

Residents may submit written feedback to the Village Office until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25th. When the date and time of the Special Council Meeting has been confirmed, instructions will also be posted/circulated for those persons wishing to provide their feedback in person at the meeting.

Mandy Koonts
Municipal Coordinator

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